Launching a whole new movement in sustainable farming

Not everyone has access to healthy food. In fact, 23 million people in America live in food deserts—areas both urban and rural where fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to come by.

We wanted to do something about it.


Try something new in sustainable agriculture. Start building a better food system.


Building a better food system

Haberman created and launched Urban Organics, one of the first USDA-certified organic aquaponics farms in the country. The urban farmers at UO raise tilapia and grow vegetables and herbs, year round, in a restored brewery on the east side of St. Paul.

Haberman and partners made the idea a reality. We restored the brewery. We helped find funding. We were there for every logistical challenge. We named it, and gave  it a brand. We designed the packaging.


1 of 10

Urban Organics has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally by Newsweek, FastCo and The Guardian, which called UO one of the 10 most innovative projects from around the world.

$200 Million

Since Urban Organics opened in 2012, $200 million in economic development and several hundred jobs have been created in the community surrounding Urban Organics.

And Growing

We secured distribution with multiple retailers and partnered with Pentair, the global water efficiency experts who are taking the concept across the country and eventually around the world.