Haberman’s Organic Garden: Where we keep growing.

Every garden has a story. Ours starts in 2007, when we planted a few seeds in nearby Delano, Minnesota. The plan was simple. Grow good food. Dig in the dirt. Marvel at what comes up.

What came up—along with 37 kinds of vegetables and herbs, thousands over the years—was so much more than we expected. The Dude Ranch, as we call it, is more than a garden. It’s the solid ground on which we sow our passion for good food and new ideas.

A gathering place

It’s also where we come together as a team. Every week, from April to September, a crew of storytellers spends the day working in the garden. Families come out on weekends to get their hands dirty. And in the fall, we celebrate the end of the season with Dudestock, an outdoor dinner party/farmer’s market/family festival.

A new idea in the wellness movement

While we started the garden for ourselves, we encouraged other companies to do the same. A movement took root—and employer-sponsored gardens have become a model for how businesses can provide a unique workplace benefit as well as educate employees about the health and societal benefits of eating fresh, sustainably produced food.

The heart of our culture

For us—a group of people who are passionate about organic food—the garden is a constant source of inspiration. It reminds us who we are and what we care about. It’s central to our agency culture. We’re proud to say our garden is one of the reasons Haberman has been named a Best Place to Work by the likes of AdAge and Outside Magazine (four years running).